Today's message was brought to me by a piece of paper towel during a trip to the restroom so take a seat cause it is about to be some shit. 

Lately it seems as if everyone I encounter is going through tough lessons, experiences that feel soul breaking, and life questioning. Things that we thought were light turn into dark and then we come to find light within the dark. Situations that spring up on us just as we thought all is well can turn everything upside down. I've found myself in clear observance of these types of situations. Like a person watching a movie, I could see things happening all around me but this time I had a tool.

*Begins paper towel scene*

I'm in the restroom, doing my business, letting many thoughts swarm in and out of my mind. My brain is fully spaced out, giving more room for the unknown, for the possibilities, for the anxiety of not knowing.. but as I cleaned up and got ready to flush the toilet... the kitchen paper towel (it's shopping day, shut up) spoke to me in the only way it could. Through the printed text, it read

" C H O O S E"

I fucking died laughing. The Universal signs can be too bold and too funny! I knew it was my guides speaking to me, and reminding me of my ability to choose. In this lifetime, I have the total ability and freedom to choose the life I want. The total awareness of this privilege to choose my profession, my home, my partner is my ultimate tool because I can build the reality of my dreams. We forget sometimes that we are the masters and creators of our life and we have society and conditioned thinking to thank for that, but we cannot let it hinder our growth. People ask me all the time how is it that I get to travel, and go to all of these cool places, and I can easily tell you that it is because I  C H O O S E  to do those things. Instead of day dreaming about them, I do them. I find ways to make sure I can see these amazing things. Never in my lifetime would I have imagined that I would have experienced what I have so far, and there's still a lifetime to go. Our journeys can be deep and mysterious, they can also be safe and nurturing but the entire idea is that we have the power to do whatever the fuck we want. You can choose to react to experiences with ego and a closed heart, or you can look at the situation from a wide perspective and a welcoming energy. Nothing can stop you unless you allow it. We we're chosen to be created, therefore we have the power to choose what to create. 

I  C H O O S E  to believe in my strength to always choose what is best for me. 

I  C H O O S E  to always be present to the moment playing in front of me. 

I  C H O O S E  to observe and reflect before reacting. 

I  C H O O S E  to always remember I can always C H O O S E .