Truth is and truth brings... 

Truth has many powers and many forms. The truth can evoke, it can inspire everything about us thus creating a path led by the purity of our frequencies. The truth may also intimidate us, sending our ego to a space of denial and artificial energy simply because of our rejection of this truth. Know that truth will always be in the present. It is in everything you create and experience. It lives in the darkest depths of the universe, far from the shallow space where only the sleep can live. It lives in the core of our spirit, a place that could never lie. Wether you are asleep or awake to be conscious with that truth is entirely up to you.  

Breathe... and ask yourself, am I coming from a place of purpose and truth? Do I even acknowledge my truth? Can I breathe long enough to become one with myself? Am I at peace with all the truth that lives around me? 

Transparency is everything that I inspire to be. Living in transparency and color is important if you wish to be your most authentic self for the world to see. You can live raw and fully self expressed without the need of consent from anyone. Because truth and transparency are big things in my life I feel I have to be truthful. Lately life has been feeling like the darkest space, in a room full of bright lights without any room to breathe.  As a light and energy worker, it has been an endless nightmare. I haven't been able to be the light I wish to be for my loved ones or those who need to hear truth. My spirit felt crushed by the back to back lessons I thought I had made peace with. Escaping felt so natural but I had to face my truth. The truth is that my life is absolutely perfect in its own way, and I am in constant blessings from being grateful for the little I have. The truth is I am in healing from the guilt and shame of not being worthy of what I want. Sometimes I truly believe love does not live here, and that is not okay. My conditioning was so deep and I didn't even know until I stopped being afraid of myself and what I feel. Breaking away from chains leaves the deepest bruises, but if one thing does exist it is time and even if time is relative, it is there and it can heal all. 

What I want you to see is the pureness of a moment in my life so you may feel something in yours, because we are one and nothing could ever separate us. The more we let go, the closer we become. Live up to your truth, whatever it may be at the moment. The truth is the only thing we have, honor it.