It's no secret our bodies are made of pure energy, something that could never die. In large numbers, we can create a flow of shift toward an intent. As spiritual beings, we can create and open portals for Infinite Energy to guide us on Earth. This is no conspiracy, it is one of the many laws of Nature.

What I have witnesses in the year of 2017 was exactly that, the powerful energy of my community coming together for a Universal expansion of the magical frequencies we create. Together we shift the dynamics of the electromagnetic fields in which we are all connected, and we shift it toward wholeness, wellness, and quantum movement. When our bodies emit light, the energy shift aids in our genetic healing, far better than any pharmaceutical. Our DNA is ignited for Oneness. That is why when we dance, we feel release through our bones. When we are in our community circles, everything is forgotten because the gathering of energy soothes our fear of the unknown. Emotions are keys to regenerating our minds, expression rewires our body toward a higher vibration. There can be profound emotional triggers when one simply ALLOWS in present time. Past and Future become One in the present time, and it all finally makes sense. Our path becomes clear, the Light shining brighter than ever before. 

Allow yourself to be carried by the shift in your community. Look back on what you've experienced and have compassion for it. The Past is our greatest teacher, if you've learned anything from it, HONOR it, but do not live there anymore. Feel your guides, lessons, scars, embraces, moments, tears, desires... feel all of that standing right behind you. The more you let go, the closer it becomes. With all of that behind you, face your path. With eyes wide open, trust your steps. Walk forward my love, your family is waiting for you.