Feel All You Can Feel

With a deep exhale, I begin to type what is my first blog entry exposed for all who dare to read. This isn't a place to post my cute outfit, nor is it a place where I talk about the latest brunch spots. This is an open, judgement free space for everything to be created, and expressed in the rawest form. What am I even doing, you could ask, to which I say... I am living with eyes and heart wide open, and through the hardest, deepest lessons I learn, come forth bodies of work in a variety of mediums. I am finally at a point where I am in love with who I am, what I'm doing, and where I'm taking my freedom and I am choosing to share my experiences. Every single day, the Universe guides me, and I choose to trust it with all I have. Trusting that every turn is where I'm meant to go, slowly I let go of all fear of the unknown. Today I have this to say:

Feel All You Can Feel...

Be every emotion you are, these feelings teach us of what we are made of

But don't let darkness consume, for it is always waiting, anticipating..

Through it all, there is always beauty to see, and understanding to gain from. In our moments of love's deep embrace, in the eyes of a broken stranger, in the strength you find to help another during a hardship... there is beauty. So I plead to you, feel all you can feel. After all, it brought you here...

Thank You. For You, I'll try. For You, I'll always try.