Nothing Goes Unnoticed

There is nothing you do in life that goes unnoticed. It's in the moments when we think we're doing nothing, where we are really doing everything. Perhaps there was a moment you felt insignificant, like what you had to say didn't matter. Maybe someone spoke over you, thought for you, made a decision for you.. all of that slowly suppressed us. Like a child being told they're silly for believing in the stars... they tried to condition us to believe its all wasted energy.

A few days ago, I was at a music event supporting my friends, Gio Chamba, during their show. The vibrations these guys put on is on another level, and their fans can always feel it. After the show, I was helping sell band merchandise to the audience when the Universe sent an messenger. A girl named Jessica came up to me and proceeded to say she was not only a fan of Gio Chamba but that she follows my artistic career through social media and considers me an inspiration. The way her face smiled at me while I listened with eyes wide open in wonder, it was the heart warming moment my self esteem didn't know it needed. There's hearing a nice compliment like "oh you're so pretty!" and then there's a complete stranger telling you, "I don't think you understand how inspirational you are!" because they truly SEE you. It was then that it all came in full circle for me. 

What I thought were just my feelings being put into words, became someone else's comfort. What I believe are simple works of art that I created out of boredom, bring bedroom walls to life. Things I didn't believe to have power, created a space for others to feel from what I experienced. I will never take what I feel for granted. If I never felt the need to express, Jessica would have never felt the need to tell me anything. Everything done with purpose has its purpose. 

It's in the pure essence of how we transcend from what we feel that can create waves for others to vibrate with. So do it, say it, feel it, live it because someone will need it, hear it, see it, HEAL FROM IT. 

Nothing we feel goes unfelt.

Nothing we say goes unheard.

Nothing we do goes unnoticed. 

Even when they're silent, they're listening.

(Thank You Jessica, I hope you're reading this.)