Beyond The Physical

What I am about to talk about next is hard to explain, because it requires the belief that nothing separates the present self from Nature, the Divine, and our Destiny. All you have to do is see the signs...

It's been over two years since I noticed my synchronistic connection with butterflies... of all things. When life seemed too difficult, I ran away to many different places to either discover or reconnect with myself. In the country of Costa Rica is where it all began. Wether they were three exotic lady butterflies flying around me during my jungle meditation walks, or deceased creatures  I found on the ground, who now hold their own place in my personal journal, it seemed like everywhere I turned I witnessed the many colors and phases of their life cycle. Even in my Texas home, they followed me. In their own species alone, most of us can agree their bold presence always brings light. Symbolically, their presence is considered to bring messages from above, about an endless creative potential, spiritual rebirth, and transformation. With how gently their wings seem to carry them through the wind, theres no doubt they bring the essence of peace. Rarely do we see their caterpillar form, much like we never truly see the struggle of one's transformation as they try to reach their loveliest form.

When I surrendered to the Universe and its unknown ways, I noticed everything I thought I knew shattered, and my eyes saw life in a different form. Reflections of myself began to pop up in everything that I gave myself time to observe and feel. Nothing separated me from what was in front of me. Butterflies became my animal connection to the Spirit realm. I chose to write about this because it has been three weeks of me seeing them EVERY DAY. In my most vulnerable moments, when my mind tries to take over my heart, they come. Just when I can feel the weight of how cruel the world can be, I see the wings of an angel. The other day I asked my sister, "Is it weird that I've been seeing butterflies every day for weeks?"... and her gentle response of "No.." blew my fears away of being shy of this feeling I can barely describe. 

I can see the changes my spirit is going through, while I hide away in my personal chrysalis, and I am no longer afraid of the relentless twists my path takes. 

In the space of discomfort, you learn to grow. I learned that everything is possible, if you are reborn from within. Allow for the space to growth. 

I live in the now, and let my subconscious grow from the nurturing words I plant for myself. The vision more clearer, my wings designed for freedom. 

Its been a while since I believed in the word coincidence. Coincidences are merely the Universe's way of telling you all is aligned and to dive into the symbols of the now. All that breathes is but one. My relationships with Nature and the Divine is the magic I choose to believe in. So now when I feel the wind, and see my colorful winged friend flying by, I'll smile knowing their presence is telling me all of my work for the wings of my dreams is all worth it. 

For now, I embrace my own being, for when the day comes that I soar into the Sun, I'll be marveling at my own wings. 

Pura Vida.