You are not alone. Never was, and never will. Every living, breathing species on this planet and beyond are connected in the simplest way... through our consciousness. The knowing that we are everything and nothing is what keeps us all as One. 

There is a shift happening... we are dealing with patterns of our own illusions, and they keep us from the truth. We have been looking too deep into what has made us and into what we want to be. Facing our own fears and illusions can be dark and heavy, but how else are we going to know who we truly are? Our past is a deep one, full of lessons but that is not where we live anymore. We are here, in the NOW, and nowhere else, for it has all been created, and there is nothing left to do but to BE HERE NOW.

As individuals, it is easy to let the weight of our darkness carry us into a motionless pattern, dragging our spirit to places we believe we should be in, only to feel the emptiness. In darkness, you begin to see clearly, and you begin to rely more on your senses, the things that make you a divine human. Our physical bodies can only carry so much for us, until our mind takes over. If we can adjust our vision in darkness, we can adjust our frequencies to match the Light. 

As a collective, we can heal the wounds of our past. Together we form a more dynamic energy field for ourselves to break free in, for others to recognize and want to seek truth. We can break the curses that have been haunting and restricting us from expressing our most Divine self. If we are creation itself, then we are nothing short of WHOLE. We just have to remember that we are never alone. 

Return to yourself. Return to what has created you.

Breath & Water. Love & Light.