Be The Door

So often we stand motionless, sometimes even speechless, at the cost of doors closing on us right before our eyes. A simple experience of denial can catapult us into a plain of confusion, mixed emotions, and hopelessness. Being denied of our desires can traumatize you into believing you're not worthy. But there is an underlying message behind every closed door. Doors close on us for many significant reasons, and some we may never get to fully understand. What we can try to comprehend is that our desires create expectations, and expectations lead only to disappointment. Why should we expect so much of something that is still creating itself? Why put a lid on something you want to open in your life? 

Take responsibility in how you reply to these Universal closures. The energy you reflect off toward all situations determines the next opening. It's safe to say our human race is going through many shifts, and closings. As much as we may want to be angry at what we can't change, real change doesn't come from a place of hurt. It comes from love. 

I recall a time I was in a hot yoga flow, surrounded by live music and many many bodies radiating their most focused energy. Sweating like the Sun child I am, I caught myself trying to manifest in my meditative state. My desires were repeatedly asking the Cosmos to open doors for me that were far beyond the doors which shut me out. The feeling of quiet desperation started to overturn my peace as I kept pleading with all of my heart. I wanted my desires of success, love, and eternal peace to be here NOW. My anxiety for the future allowed tiny bits of fear to come in. That unknown darkness was coming.... until suddenly the light in me screamed

 "BITCH!!! You ARE that DOOR!!!!"     

I couldn't help but smile and let out a giggle as I lay there on my mat because my subconscious voice came out storming to remind me of who I am. Everything that tried to consume me ran away. The light I am, we are, is far bigger than any room could fill. Why spend our time looking and praying for doors to step into, ONLY once we are welcomed? We ARE those doors. Everything that makes you YOU, is a beautifully carved door into a world full of wonder awaiting. Our skills, how we carry ourselves, the way you dress yourself, that thing about you that others tell you is 'weird'...that is the door into your highest being. When we are fearless in how we express ourselves, we create endless loops of imagination for others. So BE that welcoming entrance you've been dreaming of. Create a space full of all of your wildest dreams, so you can finally live in your magical kingdom. 

What kind of door will someone step into if you let them in?