Have you ever seen yourself? Have you ever taken the time to sit alone and face the reality that is You? The truth is many of us are too scared, and some of us never will. Facing yourself will no doubt be the hardest thing you will ever do because the act of self healing alone requires you to essentially strip yourself down to the core of your being so you may be awakened to your true self. It usually takes your last fighting breath at the point of no return for you to make the ultimate decision; do I wish to be truly alive, or let my spirit die? It may sound dramatic, and that is because it is. 

Everything surrounding you is waiting for you. All that you experienced was meant for you. What is yet to come will be because of you. See yourself. Look deep within to see what you really are. What are you made of? Are you made of the field of yellow wildflowers that you ran through as a child? Is your experience a reminder of the abuse that trickled like a heavy waterfall down your entire family until it reached you? When you see yourself, do you see your ancestors traveling far while weeping for a brighter future, or do you see never ending warmth, the loving embrace only a mother could unconditionally give? You see, when you really see yourself, you will see everything. You will see the truth that happened before you ever did, and you will feel it. Your body, a divine vessel for channeling energy, may overflow at the pouring of memories, experiences, and traumas of our past, but know this; our Spirit was made for existence. Our downfall lies in believing we aren't meant to feel the heaviness the darkness can bring. Suffering is placed in our lives so we may learn from it, and recognize the Light when it comes to relieve us. 

Face yourself. See the bitter lies, and loving words you've spoken to others, and to yourself. See the people you've loved and had let go. See those who fought so hard just to see you smile. See yourself in the everyday strangers that pass you by as you travel in a constant motion of cosmic energy. Feel everything you must feel so you may free yourself from the mental slavery that was conditioned into us many lives ago. It all started somewhere, but it can all end with you. So, face yourself and embrace the fire that comes with the burning away of your wounds. Let it burn away the pain of your past, and fears of the future. Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, you will see yourself reborn into your highest self, living ever so presently with infinite Universe guiding your path.