Cosmica Visions are visuals created in collaboration with my dearest soul sister, photographer Janice Contreras. Her brilliant eye gracefully captures the essence of the feminine energy, spotlighting the soft but striking power that can only be found by a female.      

ARTE is an intimate photo series shot on the full moon of May 2017, in the comfortable space of Nalga Studios (a.k.a Janice's home). What was expected to be a full day of creation turned into hours of tapping into my deepest trust in the Universe, alongside my spirit sisters Janice and Terra. My newly adopted dog had decided he was going to wander downtown Houston for hours. In my mind, it felt like an eternity.  Nonetheless he returned, like nothing happened. He took to the wind to explore new sights, just like his Mama. Light was found that night, in the event of my forced surrender. My spirit returned to a state of creation, and I fully immersed my mind collectively with my spirit and creative family. In what could only be a typical day in the life of Cheech, in my most raw form, here is what was Janice saw.