Cosmica Visions are visuals created in collaboration with my dearest soul sister, photographer Janice Contreras. Her brilliant eye gracefully captures the essence of the feminine energy, spotlighting the soft but striking power that can only be found by a female.    

México did something to me only a real home could, it grounded me. She kept me in spaces that felt like home, and it was in these spaces where I began my rebirth. My 26th birthday was spent in an clay dome with ancient volcanic stones and beams of light from the spirits that filled the space. In the darkness, the songs evoked the ancient parts of my spirit that were just waiting on their calling to the now. It was in this space, where I was reborn after witnessing death so close. I was everywhere and everyone was in me. The Shaman in me smiled as I woke. Nothing was the same.    

July 2017